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We are now located at 4165 Westport Road, 
                                 Suite 203 (in Louisville).
Our offices are across from the St. Matthews Target store.  

CAP is proud to be a founding member of CLICC, 
the Consortium of Louisville 
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4165 Westport Road, Suite 203,
Louisville, Kentucky 40207

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Denise Parsons  (502) 551-6182; dpparsons@capcounselors.com

Leigh Moore  (502) 418-0485; lnmoore@capcounselors.com  



College Admissions Planning, LLC, encourages, informs, and equips college bound students and their families for the college admission process while preserving the integrity of that process for all applicants.


  • We believe that every student has unique gifts and talents which should be at the heart of the college search.
  • We believe that the personality and character of colleges and universities are as abundant and disparate as that of students, making the concept of "fit" a crucial part of the pursuit.
  • We believe that the college search should be a collaborative effort involving students, their families, ourselves, and other educational professionals.
  • We believe that preparing for and applying to college should be positive, empowering, and energizing experiences for all students.
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